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2020 ASSE International Annual Meeting Meeting
   글쓴이 관리자 작성일 2021-09-29 조회수 519


The 2021 ASSE Annual Meeting is Only One Week Away!

Oct. 5-8 | Online via Zoom | Free for ASSE Members


Registration this year is FREE to all ASSE members and members of committees on the 2021 Schedule. For all others, there is a $50 registration fee that includes a FREE one-year ASSE Membership. Registration also includes admission to select seminars being held this week at IAPMO's 92nd Education and Business Conference (so hurry up if you want to catch the last three seminars).


This 2021 ASSE International Annual Meeting is a great opportunity for those who have never attended a national meeting due to travel or financial restrictions – no travel or lodging expenses are required!


Take a few minutes to review the schedule and agendas below to see which meetings and seminars would best suit your interests and career.


You must be registered to receive Zoom login/call-in information, so make sure you register this week to attend the 2021 ASSE Annual Meeting!

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