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PRV 표준 개정-ASSE 1003-2020
   글쓴이 관리자 작성일 2020-02-02 조회수 886

ASSE 1003-2020

Performance Requirements for Water Pressure Reducing Valves for Potable Water Distribution Systems


ANSI Approved: December 2020

The purpose of a water pressure reducing valve for domestic water distribution systems is to reduce static and flowing pressures in water distribution systems.

Devices covered by this standard are self-contained, direct acting, single diaphragm types.

Devices shall be permitted to have an integral strainer, separate strainer connected to the valve inlet, or be without strainer.

Devices shall be permitted to be with or without an integral by-pass relief valve.



적용범위-내장형, 직동식 및 다이어프램식(추가).

스트레너-일체형 스트레이너, 별도 스트레이너형(밸브 입구에 설치되거나 스트레이너 없음)

바이패스: 일체형 바이패스 릴리프 밸브기 있는 것과 없는 것

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